Creating your Wedding Vision?

When you have the “I just got engaged” feeling; there’s nothing like it. You call your family and friends to share your wonderful news. You look down to look at your hand to see your ring and sighhhh and of course change your love’s name on your phone to “Fiancee” so when they call, you see Fiance calling or texting. This is a precious time but what comes next is the part that most people find overwhelming. It can be the bubble crushing moment when you realize you have to plan this wedding and the million things that need to be done before the “I DO”.

Photo taken by  Sasithon Photography

Photo taken by Sasithon Photography

You start to buy bridal magazines or go on Pinterest to Pin your heart away of everything that you find beautiful. This can get tricky because it can confuse you more when figuring out your wedding vision.

Defining your wedding vision is crucial because it’s the first step in wedding planning process. It makes sure your wedding day is everything you ever wished for. We have a few helpful tips that can help you put all your ideas together in a clear vision to make sure your special day is as lovely as it can be.

Number 1: Don’t forget what the true purpose of this day…To celebrate the love you have with your partner. Once planning starts it tends to be focus on the little details and the bigger picture is forgotten.



“To unite and celebrate the love you share…”

Sit down with your partner talk about what would you love and how you both would like to express it to your guests. Some couples are foodies. They love to eat and try new food. In this case your priority would to have amazing food on your special day or bring in a special dessert that both you love or your favorite Pizza for the After party.

In my case My fiancee (13years ago) and myself loved to go dancing and listen to music. That was something we shared as a couple. So our priority was the music. We wanted to have a great DJ and a live band. I still remember having the “Spanish Harlem Orchestra” at our wedding. My guests and ourselves had a blast dancing the night away.

If you’re a couple that just wants that day to be Beautiful and love strolls through Central Park or New York Botanical Gardens. Your priority would be the venue selection and florals. We’ve done some beautiful garden inspired weddings. Evelisa Floral and Design lovesss a garden wedding.

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Choosing A Venue

This is going to be one of the very first things you will be doing. Selecting a venue is the foundation of bringing your wedding vision to life. You might have a vision already in mine but think about how this is going tie in your venue and work as a whole once everything is set up.

Putting together your ideas in a Vision Board/ AKA Pinterest board

This board will have alot of pictures. All these pictures that you Pinned were chosen for different reasons. Maybe you like the color or the feeling of the image and sometimes the image doesn’t even have anything to do with weddings. All those pins have different aspects that you love and would want for the big day. This is great to have when you speak to Vendors. As a wedding florist we love to connect with our couples to see what they love. Don’t worry about the vision board being all of over the place, there’s a reason why those images are there. Through working with so many couples I’ve learned and know how to gather that inspiration and make it a reality. Your flowers and Decor will be streamline.

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Go with what you love rather then what’s trending

photo taken by Artvesta Studio

As of right now it’s the trend but do you love it? Trends come and go. It can be so easy to become infatuated with a popular trend that you base your entire wedding around it and then years later you ask yourself what were you thinking! Be true to yourself and your partner.

The one thing you will remember is how that day made you feel. So make sure to focus on the details that matter to you both. And if you choose the right vendors you will enjoy the process of watching your vision come to life. Choosing your flowers and decor should be fun and enjoyable. Evelisa Floral & Design connects with couples and truly understands their vision for that day.

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