The White Bouquet

Hello :)

Spring is here but it actually doesn't feel like it as it is very cold. I think winter has decided no I'm going to stay for a little while longer. The time is flying by and have been trying to stay organize at home and business. The past two weeks the flu has swept through the homefront and it was challenging as my office and studio are in my home. So team meetings, Consultations with clients and other operations were rescheduled. I went through emails and other administrative operations but no contact with others as the flu spreads like wild fire. Ok now that I vented lol. I wanted to share with you this pearl white Bride's Bouquet.

We did this in January. We were in LOVE with this bouquet that I had to get it photographed before I delivered it. We had it photographed by Daniel Pacheco-Vasquez from Dpsnapsphotography. Check out his Instagram @dpsnapsphotography. 

Bride's Bouquet created by Evelisa Floral & Design, photographed by Dpsnapsphotography

I had a consultation with a Bride to be and she was in love with this specific bouquet she found on Pinterest. It contained pearls of all different shapes and strands of pearls. She showed me but she knew it was very expensive and she was on a budget. So based off the inspiration she showed me in the consultation and considered her budget I created this bouquet. What do you think of it?

Close up of Bride's White Pearl Bouquet created by Evelisa Floral & Design, photographed by Dpsnapsphotography

Bouquet created by Evelisa Floral & Design, Photographed by Dpsnapsphotography

Black & White, Photographed by Dpsnapsphotography

The bouquet in the black and white photo makes it a classic. I think having Inspiration is awesome and it can come from anywhere but it's  a plus when you have a professional that can understand you and be able to translate that inspiration into a reality. Contact us today to help make your wedding inspiration come to life.