Christmas Wedding

It's been quite some time since I wrote we've been very busy. My team and myself have grown together and have met many couples. I feel like the year flew by. Today I wanted to share a wedding with you that used Christmas as their inspiration. I think each season can really bring out a wedding. If a couple decides to let it be their inspiration it can be absolutely beautiful. This particular couple used Christmas as their inspiration; the reds, gold, holly, poinsettias, gifts and Christmas trees. They actually made 1 year anniversary this week. Below is the Bride's bouquet, it smelled so good with the fresh Hypericum berries. 

Bride's Bouquet, Photo provided by DPSnapsphotography

We did these cute arrangements that screamed Christmas with their gold bases. The red roses with the holly really gave that special touch. I remembered we were being stabbed by the edges of the holly leaves man they were sharp but we were in the Christmas spirit lol. 

Photo provided by DPSnapsphotography

The photo below shows the arrangement better and you can see the berries the holly had.

The Bride told me she really didn't want the groom to really have a flower so I recommended Pinecones and she loved the idea. We sprinkled some glitter on them and they really popped. It looked so nice with the Groom's gold bow tie.

Groom's Boutonniere photo provided by DPSnapsphotography

Mini gift centerpieces

Mini gift centerpieces

Sweet heart table

Sweet heart table

Groomsmen boutonniere photo provided by DPSnapsphotography

Gold picture frame favors that were placed on each plate setting

We also created the favors which were golden picture frames that contained the holly logo which the couple picked with their name and date. They were ornaments and each one was placed on each plate setting. I wished I took a picture of it because they were very elegant along with the arrangements. Another picture I wished I took were the Christmas trees. They're were 4 trees each 3.5' and they had silver and antique gold color ornaments on them. This wedding lived and breathed Christmas lol but we loved it. 

It's the holiday season and we're going to spend it with family and friends with lots of laughter and loud talking (my family talks really loud and sometimes at the same time lol) . Enjoy and want to wish you and your loved ones HAPPY HOLIDAYS

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