Mood board: Red White & Blue

Hello all today I would like to share a mood board that was inspired by Labor day since Labor day weekend is upon us.  It's a bittersweet because it's a sign of the end of summer. Everything is back to reality, kids go back to school and a new routine goes into effect.  My son has already started school which is little strange because school usually starts after the Labor day holiday but my daughter starts next Wednesday.

I haven't had the opportunity to design an event with red, white and blue color scheme.  But I'm so ready when the opportunity comes.  I created this mood board with the color scheme in mind along with what Labor Day usually feels like.  The holiday reminds me of the outdoors, picnics and bbqs;  alot of fresh elements.  Check it out.  

Labor day Mood board: Red White & Blue

Red Gerber

This weekend I will definitely take advantage that there will be sweets. YUM!

My Labor Day sweetness

Whether you're going to be at a bbq or even better at a wedding enjoy this weekend with friends & family.