The Mardi Gras theme


It's been so busy here and we're almost done with February.  Time is flying.  This blog entry I going to show you an event I did without any flowers.  And since Mardi gras was early this month this specific event is perfect.

I know the most popular details in designing a wedding or even an event such as a dinner, corporate, sweet 15/16 are the flowers. Flowers are used but there are other options that can be used that will also bring your event alive.  I had a sweet 16 where the girl did not like flowers and didn't want to use them at all.  It was a Mardi gras theme; the gold, blues, purples, greens, beads, feathers and masks.  We were excited to design this Sweet 16. Sometimes a break from the routine is good.  We also had to keep in mind the budget.

The centerpieces had LED lights as well as the Name stand.  We exchanged ideas and I created a mood board for the Mom and the birthday girl to keep everyone on track including myself.

This was a fun event and we were happy to do it. So if you have a event and you're not really keen on using flowers don't worry there are so many options your can use to decorate.  What are some of your inspirations that you used to decorate?  

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