Floral Chandeliers

Happy Friday! 

We recently just did chandeliers for a wedding and we were very excited.  This bride's theme was "the city meets the country".  She showed me this chandelier that was decorated with flowers and she loved it.  This particular couple wanted a simple design but unique to them.  I had 4 chandeliers in storage but they needed alot of love. 

This was the inspiration chandelier.

This chandelier above is beautiful and unique right! I've actually never seen something like this.  We were ready to get to work. The four chandeliers I had needed to be scrubbed, cleaned and spray painted.  Once this was done I added faux flowers.  I used vines with stephanotis. I kept these chandeliers in my garage then I painted them in a well ventilated area. Check out the "before" of some of the chandeliers below.

The spider webs that were on these chandeliers were incredible.  I've never seen so many spider webs in my life!  Once cleaned I was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I spray painted them with "Champagne Mist"  by Rustoleum.  It went on so nicely.  Our bride didn't like the metallic gold or silver so this color was a great compromise. Then we added beading and the crystal teardrops.  The final step was to add the faux flowers.  We chose faux flowers because it was more economical, sturdy & light for travel and we didn't have to worry about flowers dying; which is one of our nightmares when we do an event.  The advantage of using faux/silk flowers is we can work on them in advance. We had to do a site visit to measure from the ceiling to the floor and where the couple was going to stand since all the chandeliers were different sizes. After all our hard work we loved how they turned out for our couple.

Largest chandelier

This was our lightest chandelier

My favorite chandelier

I have to apologize for the quality of the pictures I wished they would've turned out better because these pictures didn't do the chandeliers justice.  They definitely added a special touch to the church. This was a great experience and we appreciate the opportunity this couple gave us to use our floral magic lol.  We were able to do something different and do the rest of the wedding with a cohesive design.  I will be sharing other details of this wedding on the blog so stay tuned!  

What you think of this design of Floral Chandeliers?