Most Economical Flowers Part II

Hello everyone,  Sorry part II to this list took forever.  In the mix of Wedding season blogging was put on the back burner and we were focusing on weddings we had.  Our final event for the summer is a wine tasting party which is nice. Stay tuned for that design.  Now to continue on to the final five on this list.

The Sixth flower on this list is Freesia. These super cute fragrant flowers are not only wallet friendly but also extra long lasting. They can last up to three weeks in a vase. They can come in various colors such as white, yellow, red, purple, and pink. Their whimsical scent will make your day one you will never forget.

The next flower is the Gladiolus. The amazing thing about these flowers is that they vary in so many different colors. This makes them perfect for any theme your heart and pocket truly desire. Their blooming season is the Summer. I am currently growing these beauties in my backyard and they are blooming beautifully if I do say so myself. They grow from about 2-6 ft tall.

The following flower that is economical is Queen Anne Lace.  Queen Anne's are actually quite similar to the earlier mentioned Gypsophila or Baby Breath. Usually used as a filler but can also be used alone as a nice little touch to a simple table. They mostly come in white however, the other day I discovered Queen Anne's in yellow. They bloom in late spring.


The ninth flower on this list is the Sunflower. Sunflowers are actually very economical and are absolutely gorgeous. They have extremely big strong stalks. They're big, bright, and just scream summer is here. Growing up there was a lady down the block who had this one sunflower in her front yard. It had to be at least seven feet tall. When I looked down and saw that big yellow beauty I knew summer was here. The next event we are doing we are using these beauties.

Finally  number 10 on our wallet friendly list is, drum roll please… the Wax Flower. The economical flower grows multiple flowers per stem. These flowers are serve as great fillers. They also come in many different colors to make your day just as vibrant as you are. The blooming season is varies from spring, summer and to fall. They are very sturdy and are super adorable.  It's definitely a favorite here at Evelisa Floral & Design.

Hope you enjoyed this list and found it helpful.  Let us help you design your next event with these economical flowers.