Lovely Peony Season

Hello all,

Peony season is here! It's a shame peonies don't last all summer long because they are so beautiful and smell amazing.  There are so many different varieties too.  When I went to the Great Bridal Expo 4/24 alot of the brides were interested in peonies.  Peonies are a pricey flower but if your budget allows it they could be the star of your arrangement. They are in season now but they can be ordered all year round but they become more expensive $$$.  In my garden I have six varieties of peonies and when I first purchased them it took them about two years to actually produce a flower.  But when they matured they were beautiful, so worth the wait.

The photo below is a peony bouquet that was made with only 3 stems!  This specific variety the flower is huge.  The aroma from this is one was very strong too.  I have to find out the name of this specific variety because these could be used in a large arrangement easily.  Also I have to buy a tomato stands because when the peony flower the flower is so big they way down and are laying down instead of staying straight.  I learn that tip from the Botanical gardens.  

Peony Bouquet frontal view

Peony Bouquet on gold vase

Below are other pics of other Peonies. Enjoy!


Just follow the Peony trail