Most Economical Flowers Part I


Although couples get married all year round the most popular time is now.  Wedding season is upon us and couples are getting close to the big day.  So I wanted to discuss in this blog entry about the most economical flowers to have for your special day.  Here at Evelisa Floral & Design we focus on beauty without breaking  the bank to have it.  So I wanted to share these flowers with you; today I will share the first five then the second part I will share in the next entry.  I'm sharing these options so you have the knowledge and be able to plan accordingly.  We received our information from and through experience.  

The first flower they shared to be on this list of top ten was Alstromeria.  This flower is also known as the "Peruvian Lily".  I remember when I took classes for floral design years ago when the teacher introduced us to this flower she called it Alstromeria. Then I raised my hand and said I think they also call it the Peruvian Lily, the only reason why I remembered because I always bought flowers from my local supermarket and that's the name they had on the plastic wrapper.  She didn't like that I did that I guess it had something to do with supermarkets taking away jobs from the flower community.  So I left it alone lol.  So back to alstromerias, they come in so many colors and they usually have 5 - 6 blooms on each stem which is nice. They could be used as a focal flower or as a filler.  Also long lasting as long they have clean water to drink.  I've used these in every kind of arrangement they add a special touch.

Designed by Floret Cadet

The next flower has become very popular lately and alot of brides love it just by itself.  This flower is Baby Breath or Gypsophila.  When I order these from the wholesalers they usually use Gypsophila name not "baby breath".  Flower shops that are nearby use alot of baby breath in their bouquets but I like it by itself.  They have their own scent when they are fresh.  This flower is very economical.  They only come in white naturally but can be painted.

The third flower that I would like to mention is the Carnation flower. This flower is long lasting and it has a sturdy stem.  They're available all year round from wholesalers but if "I" would like to grow them in my garden there blooming time would be late spring. A special trick that I like to do in my arrangements when using this flower is to group all the carnations together and they look like a large peony.  I remember as a child the carnation was the economical rose.  Another special memory I had as a child was that my grandfather use to bring red carnations to my grandmother every week.  

Designed by Southern Elegance Design

The fourth flower that is on this list is Chrysanthemums or also know as Mums.  This flower comes in many colors and there are varieties that have a large flower.  These are long lasting.  In arrangements they give a different texture which is always nice in a design.  There blooming time is usually late summer into fall.

The fifth flower is the Daisy.  I was very surprised on how many brides love daisies.  In the Great Bridal Expo that's what my team gave away to all the brides to be.  I had a bride who only wanted to use daisies in her flowers for her wedding day, which is very economical.  There natural color is usually white but are commonly dyed.  Right now if you look at the gardens in New York Daisies are blooming and they look so beautiful.    

 Hope you enjoyed the first part of this list. Stay tuned for the 2nd part of this list of economical flowers.