Today I'm going to talk about succulents.  They are very popular now and I'm into them as well.  They are so easy to have inside the house.  My daughter says they're cactus lol. She's somewhat right though a Cactus is considered a succulent they are both from the plant family "Cactaceae". They are easy to take care of and you could get more out of them.

I love the look of Succulents with flowers.  They add texture and color. Alot of brides want these whether it be in boutonnieres, bouquets or in the centerpieces. When we went to the Great Bridal Expo 4/24 alot of brides were interested in succulents. They are easy to work with and they last.  I've been to a wedding where they only used "Jade" succulents as the centerpieces; it looked like a table runner of succulents (I wished I took a picture of that) and at the end everyone left with one succulent plant.  Below are pictures of some great examples of flower succulent combos 

This is a ceremony piece from

This flower succulent combo is amazing in a wood vase

This succulent and flower combo bouquet is BEAUTIFUL

We also work with succulents.  I did a succulent boutonniere for a prom.  The girl wanted it to be different from the typical boutonnieres that were usually used.  This particular succulent matched beautifully with the dress she was using and you know it's all about matching with your date and the "dress". 

Here's the succulent boutonniere

So what you think?

I hope you're enjoying the beautiful weather.  Enjoy the Sun!