Our experience at The Great Bridal Expo

Arriving at the Marriot Marquis 

Arriving at the Marriot Marquis 

Our experience at the Great Bridal Expo was alot of work but amazing.  We met alot of people who were going to get married and the ones who were accompanying them.  The photo above is when we first arrived.  I didn't know how much stuff we had until we had to unload and travel up to the 5th floor.   At the time I was so worried that something was going to break, but we didn't.  I ended up getting separated from my sister (a team member) and flower pieces.  I ended up taking the express elevator all the way up.  Meanwhile I had half of the pieces with me but it worked out because we kind of did it in shifts, which was better and more organized. We set up our booth and got everything together.  We were ready!   

Our Setup with our bouquets in vases to drink water

We had 5 bouquets for the fashion show and put them in vases so they could stay fresh.  But it added to our display.  Since we were the FEATURED FLORIST for the event we had to be prepared.  I brought extra flowers and I'm glad I did because they needed a throw away bouquet, so while the people passed by our booth I whipped up a beautiful bouquet.

Our setup with all our materials. More bouquets and flowers centerpieces.

We were offering two Wedding Day Flower packages that were specifically for the attendees of the Great Bridal Expo.  Above photo had an example of the floral centerpiece we were offering in the package.  Along with another example of a bouquet,  the Calla Lily Modern Pageant Bouquet which was a fan favorite. 

Our tall centerpiece which alot of people like.  Right next to it was a bud base arrangement along with our business cards.

Our Mannequin Bride 

Our Mannequin made her debut at the expo as the "Bride".  She's been used in quinceaneros/ sweet 16s.  I added something very special to me which was my veil from when I got married about 10 years ago.  I guess that was my good luck charm.  

Above photos are Evelisa Floral & Design's team in action talking to all the lovely brides.  Above photos were taken by photographer Alfred Gonzalez.  We were so busy I couldn't have no one from my team take pictures but thanks to him we were able to capture us in action.  He has an art gallery which is called Gallery 71 also containing his work.  

Above is our booth which amazingly filled up with lots of people.  I would like to thank all those who passed by and to my team who did an awesome job.

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