Progress of Office and BIG ANNOUNCEMENT

Today I wanted to share my progress on my office.  I am very lucky to have the space to have a office.  I've been transforming this space little by little.  I created my Inspiration board so it could guide me.  I need this so I don't go off track as I like anything that is beautiful.  To see my Inspiration board click here .  

This room was originally my kids play room and where the TV was but now my kids have grown up and are in school.  They're still my babies but in reality they are not lol.  Look at the photo below to see the before.

Play/ TV rm

I took this picture with my iphone.  Isn't cool that the camera could take a 360 picture to see everything.  As you can see the room was very orange but I loved it.  We also receive alot of natural light.  In the picture it barely shows the rug but it was badly stained and beige (sort of).  The first thing I did was take off the rug.  What a work out, there were three layers of flooring.  I couldn't believe it.

Me taking off that dusty rug

Taking off the rug was the easy part.  It was the other flooring that needed a little bit of elbow grease.  As you can see the different layers of flooring below.  My dad helped with the sanding of the beautiful wood.  It would have taken me 3 months to sand it.  He did it in two days.  He's the best.  Then I stained it with sealant.  

Three layers on top of the wood. 1-linoleum 2-thick rug pad 3- rug

The wooden floor with the stain and sealant

After a while I took a break from the office and had to complete a couple of projects.  But I came back to it and started the next step which was painting.  I had to first fill up any cracks or holes, then I started to paint.  I did all the walls with one color then I did ceiling and moldings with white.  The room already gets alot of natural light but now it's lightened up even more with the colors I chose.  The finish was the special design that is on one wall almost continuing to the other walls.  I love this special touch it gives the room a new character.  I used a stencil that I bought via Etsy from RoyalDesignStencils shop.  They had such a nice variety and when I received it I got a free stencil which I plan to use in my daughter's room.  

Painting over that strong orange paint (thank goodness for painter's tape)

Stenciled wall

Stenciled wall

The other side of the room.  I like this picture because you could see its snowing outside.

The other side of the room.  I like this picture because you could see its snowing outside.

I am almost done with the office just need a couple of things so I could start meeting up with potential clients.  Just a couple of finishings and Evelisa Floral & Design's office is ready, Stay tuned.

Now for the announcement, I am happy to announce that Evelisa Floral & Design will be the OFFICIAL Florist of the Great Bridal Expo on April 24, 2015 at NYC Marriot Marquis.  So come through especially if you are planning a wedding Click here to check it out. I will be sharing my experiences here.  We are very excited!