Welcoming 2015 with arms wide open and ready to work.  The holidays were super busy it's nice to refocus on so many levels.  I've been working on the design of my office which I had to put on hold for a while as it got crazy busy here.  Also there was a lost in my family so I was juggling a lot; taking it one day at a time and keeping it positive.  Taking those experiences and moving forward.

Office's Inspiration Board


I created an inspiration board for my office.  Which I think everyone should do.  It's a great start, getting all your ideas together of what you love and how you want that specific space to feel like.  I included some things from nature, patterns and quotes.  The quotes I chose really inspire and motivate me.  And of course I included purple which is a staple for my business.  There are cityscapes on my inspiration board to represent where I came from which is NYC and to be exact The Bronx.  I didn't include a pic of the subway because I wasn't its #1 fan lol, but very much part of my upbringing.  It's hard to pick out my favorite picture from my inspiration board because I love them all for what I want my office to be.


AutoCAD drawing

I also included an autocad drawing (2D computer aided design/drawing)  to get an idea of what the space looks like and it's measurements.  This helped to keep me grounded because I was planning  of adding and putting so much into the office but when I looked at the drawing I had to plan accordingly.  Nothing is worse then ordering a beautiful table and sofa that you fall in love with and then when it's delivered it doesn't fit inside the room. Such a BUMMER.

The space is not the largest but it's good enough.  I could receive clients to discuss their special day and consultations for potential clients.  Also an area to show mockups. After I created the inspiration board and autocad drawing I was able to move forward with my office. Stay tuned for my office's transformation.